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Welcome to Jen Duronio!

We are so excited to announce the addition of a new Yoga Instructor here at Thrive-HQ!

Jen is mom to twins Marco & Maria. A native of Western Minnesota, she graduated from St. Olaf and went on to teach high school Spanish for many years until her twins were born. Two years later, she became certified to teach yoga, ran her first of 5 marathons, moved to San Diego for several years where she taught yoga and strength training classes, and recently returned to Minnesota! She is a Functional Health & Movement Coach and Beautycounter Brand Advocate. She loves teaching her students and clients the science behind mind-body connections like stress responses, the anxious mind, exposure to environmental chemicals of concern, and health outcomes — and how to improve wellness one small but meaningful step at a time.

Jen will be leading our Vin to Yin class. Vin to Yin is an all-levels 60-minute class designed to warm up the body and then soften into it. We begin with 30 minutes of vinyasa to flow from pose to pose matched with the breath. Then we slow down into 30 minutes of deep, long-held, passive yin and restorative poses to open up the body and calm the mind.

Please come visit Jen Saturday, April 1st for our inaugural Vin to Yin class!

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