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Low Back Pain Keeping you From Deadlifting?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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Low back pain keeping you from deadlifting?

Don't slow down, just change lanes.

3-2-1 GO


01| Play the Angle

"You're telling me to deadlift even though I am telling you deadlifts are painful?"

Sound crazy??? Thanks State of Hockey for teaching me how to play the angles!

You can drastically change the load through your spine, simply by changing the position of your torso:

  • More vertical torso = more compression & less shear

  • More horizontal toros = more shear & less compression

Back pain during a conventional deadlift, try a sumo stance.

Back pain during a sumo stance deadlift, try conventional.

02| Skwatzzz!

You gave it the good ol' MN try and to no avail, playing the angles didn't work...

Instead of throwing in the towel, find a way to load your body in a similar way.

Squats & deadlifts are both excellent functional movements that allow you to move large loads over long distances. Both are focusing on building lower body strength and both can be pretty friggen hard...

If switching from deadlifts to squats during your workout, here are our favs:

  • Goblet Squats

  • Belt Squats

  • Barbell Front Squats

  • Overhead Squats

03| Beach Body

Okay, okay, okay... If you still had no luck with hack #1 or #2, there is a good chance your body is trying to tell you that the answer is not "more cowbell!!" aka the answer is not more loading.

Take this opportunity to address the likely root causes of your low back pain.

  • Have you ever thought to yourself, "what core?"

  • Are your hamstrings tighter than a finely tuned guitar string?

  • Ever feel like the "Tin-Man" and just looking for that carton of oil for them joints?

  • Have you ever been Gumby?

Typically low back pain is a result of limited flexibility, limited stability, and/or limited coordination.

Most of you know which one of these you are. Know thyself and the truth will set you free!


Take home point...

  • Experiment with different variations of deadlifts.

  • Modify with squats to maintain a similar stimulus.

  • Address underlying root issues


Your goals? Lets Crush Them!

Your Thrive HQ Team

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