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Shoulder Pain Doesn't Stand a Chance

Impingement, rotator cuff tears, tendinitis….they all can be painful but they are also very treatable and something we see all the time here at Thrive. While imaging may help you to figure out “what’s going on,” it doesn’t actually help to guide treatment. Studies have shown that these findings are very common in those even without shoulder pain. That is why at Thrive we believe in treating the client that’s in front of us, not just the image or diagnosis.

The approach we take is to:

  • Assess global movement, movement patterns and specific joint motion and strength to determine the root cause of the issue and determine a treatment plan

  • Put the fire out - use hands-on techniques in the studio followed up with exercises you can do at home to decrease pain and get you moving better.

  • Regain range of motion - based on our comprehensive 90 minute onboarding we will address specific impairments or asymmetries that can often be the root cause of the shoulder pain.

  • Strengthen throughout that range of motion- flexibility is no good without stability! We will prescribe specific strengthening exercises to reinforce the new range of motion we are able to gain From there we can then work with you to train sport-specific movements and get you back to doing what you love to do! If you struggle with shoulder pain, book a consult with us and we can make sure we are the best fit for YOU.

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