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Post-Op Patients, Let's Keep You Moving!

A man is using a rowing machine with a boot on his left leg, balancing it on a stability ball
Man Rowing During His Post-Op Rehab

Post-op rehab doesn’t have to be boring! Gone are the days of just focusing on the joint/muscle/tendon/whatever has been surgically repaired….

Why not address the whole person?!

This is how Thrive aims to be different than traditional healthcare facilities.

In our post-op protocols we not only address specific range of motion or strength deficits after surgery (typical PT) but we also strive to focus on:

  • Maintaining overall fitness through creative workouts adhering to post op restrictions

  • Address mindset to keep you positive and focused

  • Discuss optimal nutrition for post op recovery

  • If you're into group fitness, once you can start returning to your fitness routine of choice we will work with you to modify exercises and allow you to keep participating in class

  • THIS IS HUGE - if you come in with other issues (back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. after using crutches WE WILL treat those conditions because we don’t have insurance companies telling us not to.

Here is a sample of what a post op (Achilles repair) treatment went. We included soft tissue work, gentle stretching, then we got to work with a 1K row followed by a dumbbell clean and jerk and ring row couplet to get that heart rate up and blood flowing. We also included included some spinal manipulations to address back stiffness and finished with some dry needling to improve circulation to his calf muscles. Way to Colten!

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