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Optimizing Your Nutrition - A Workshop

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce, in collaboration with Refine Wellness a FREE Nutrition optimization workshop on 12/17, 9-10:30 AM, at Thrive HQ in downtown Lake Elmo.

In this workshop we will use an evidence-based, no-nonsense approach to nutrition where we will cover:

  • Food quantity: what "macros" are, serving sizes/portions

  • Food quality: "green," "yellow," and "red" light foods, how to get the most nutrition out of what you select and how to avoid low nutritional value foods that may be labeled as "healthy"

  • Supplements: what are supplements? When should you take them? What are trustworthy brands?

In addition to covering these topics we will be discussing daily actions you can immediately use to start moving towards better nutrition.

As a bonus and because it is our mission to CHANGE LIVES THROUGH MOVEMENT we will be starting the workshop with a fun workout that anyone can participate in!

Grab a friend, and RESERVE your seats!

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