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Neck Pain - It's Not Getting Better on its Own

Why isn't my neck getting better on its own?

At any given time, 30% of the population will be dealing with neck pain, that's a lot! Most of the time neck pain will resolve on its own within a few days, however, for up to 50% of people they may be dealing with residual symptoms or recurrences. If you are experiencing neck pain that lasts more than a few days, or if you have neck pain that is debilitating (to the point where you can't look over your shoulder) you need to get it checked out. You should be screened for three reasons:

1) Determine the likely cause of you pain (joint, nerve, muscle/soft tissue, stress, posture, muscle weaknesses or imbalances)

2) Start treatment to reduce the pain and get you moving better (hands-on manual therapy, cupping, dry needling)

3) Develop a plan to reduce severity and frequency of flare-ups (incorporating mobility and strengthening)

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