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Hip Pain or Hip Flexor Tendinitis?

Man reaching for hip that is causing him pain
Are you experiencing hip pain?

Are you experiencing any of the below?

  • Pain in the front of your hip?

  • Does your hip feel stiff when standing up after long periods of sitting?

  • Does the pain get worse with repetitive activities

  • Is the front of your hip sensitive when pressed?

Let’s talk about hip flexor tendinitis….

1. Know you’re not alone.. and in fact we have been seeing this pop up a lot recently.

Why does it happen?

  • Typically repetitive “micro trauma” or overuse

  • Many times there is a muscular imbalance or weakness in other hip muscle groups

What can Thrive HQ do?

  • Identify the root cause and existing muscle imbalances

  • Soft Tissue work to increase blood flow

  • Progressive isometric and eccentric exercises to build back up strength and resilience of the hip flexor

  • Identify and correct muscle imbalances in the hip

  • Dry needling to decrease inflammation and pain

Ready to tackle the pain & feel better? Schedule a free consult

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