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Client Spotlight: Preventative health care for a stronger future

We want to introduce you to the one and only, Ryan Gargaro. Ryan has been part of the Thrive community for the past year via his membership where he is proactively working on his health and well-being.

Whether it be working on some minor aches or pains that occur from his active lifestyle, addressing some injuries from his professional basketball career, or discussing strategies to improve his nutritional or sleep habits, Ryan is always looking for ways to invest in his future self.

We are incredibly impressed with Ryan and his preventative mindset. This is a movement in health care that we are seeing increase, as more people are realizing that they can (and should) take their health into their own hands, setting themselves up for stronger future years away.

We have to admit that we feel pretty damn spoiled to have this guy as part of our community. His personality and character match his stature and he brings positive energy to all those around him.

Way to go Ryan, looking forward to watching you crush your goals this year!

P.s. We have to put in a little plug here cause we appreciate this guy so much. If you’re looking for an awesome financial advisor who knows his craft but is also an awesome friend and person to be around, then Ryan is your guy! Learn how he can help you here.

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