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Bulletproof Core Workshop Announcement

We are excited to announce that Dr. Matt Hirn from Thrive HQ and Dr. Kaitlin Haider from FitPT will be hosting a new workshop on Saturday, February 5th from 9:00 - 10:30am at Thrive HQ to share our expert knowledge and help you "bulletproof your core." Ok... not literally bulletproof... but you get the point! You will learn how to truly "brace" and "engage" your core in way to help you move and workout pain free. Your core is not only the foundation for your athletic performance, but it is often times the culprit behind low back pain and many training injuries.

This workshop is tailored to both female and male fitness athletes out there. Fitness athletes are the people who use exercise and fitness to challenge their bodies with the desire to stay active, healthy, and kicking ass. The goal is to educate you so you can leave knowing you can brace your core correctly and are setting yourself up for the most effective and safe training possible. Although we will start with the basics, by the end you will be practicing correct core bracing while performing functional movements like squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and weighted carries... all while truly bracing your core and setting yourself up for long term success and pain free activity.

This will be a highly interactive workshop, so come prepared to move, sweat, and learn.

Wondering what to expect? Here is our agenda for the workshop:

  • Welcome & Introductions

    • We are excited to meet you all and want to learn more about you and your goals, while we share a little background about us as well.

    • We will have coffee and light snacks available.

  • "Core 101" - The foundation

    • Expect some anatomy pictures, education, and stats.

    • Learn how to breath RIGHT... Have you been breathing WRONG your entire life?

    • Learn how to actually "brace your core"

    • "Posterior Pelvic Tilt" vs "Neutral Spine".... Which one is "right??"

  • Functional Application: Core Bracing when Strength Training

    • Squats & Carries

    • Deadlifts & Kettlebell Swings

    • Gymnastics (planks, push-ups, burpees, pull-ups, "abs", etc...)

  • Q&A

Check out the Flyer below for additional info.

Space is limited, so make sure to register ASAP to reserve your spot! Click the link below to reserve your spot.

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