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Are you Someone's Fitness Villain?

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Dreading the "New Years Rush" at the gym?

Lets try to change our mindset!

3-2-1 GO


01| Be a Fitness Hero, Not a Fitness Villain

Do you remember the first day you stepped into the gym? The first week? The first month? The first year? I'd be willing to bet the bank it was challenging, scary, and filled with lots of uncertainty.

For those of you that stuck with it, I'd be willing to bet again that there was someone, or several "someones," that for no real explainable reason were in the right place at the right time to support you. This person was a hero of your fitness journey whether you knew about it at the time or not.

This is your opportunity to pay forward that kindness and support to another fellow human who is looking to better themselves for some VERY important reason to them, just as you were when you started your journey.

Don't be the villain... Be the Fitness Hero that someone else was for you!

02| Don't Be a Hypocrite

How many times over the past year have you thought about how American's need to move more, eat less junk food, and prioritize their health over the latest Netflix series? If fitness is already a major part of your life, I think it's safe to say you had this thought a few times...

For those of us who have made fitness a major priority in our life, we often wonder why in the world others wouldn't as well. We talk about how sad it is that so many people are overweight and not doing anything about it despite all the great opportunities and options available to them.

Many of these people are AT THIS MOMENT ready and willing to take the first step into their fitness journey. They are doing exactly what you asked of them all year...

Hypocrisy is behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel. Don't be a hypocrite...

03| Grow Through Teaching

Ever thought you really understood a topic, only for your 5 year old kid to ask you the dreaded "Why? Why? Why?", and you realize you actually have no idea...?

Learning starts with "seeing" and "listening." This is how you started your fitness journey. You Youtubed, read blogs, hired a trainer, watched others in thy gym, etc...

Next, we learn by "doing." You took action and started doing what you learned. Nothing wrong with it, but most of us stop our learning process at this stage.

The final step in the learning process is "teaching." For you fitness coaches and trainers out there, you know exactly what I am talking about here!

This is an amazing stage in the learning process. Not only are you helping others, but I guarantee you will see your fitness improve to the next level as a result. Good teaching forces you to have a deeper understanding beyond just the superficial level.

Be a little selfish and help yourself grow... by helping others!


Take home point...

  • Be the Fitness Hero that someone else was for you.

  • Don't be a hypocrite.

  • Help yourself grow by teaching others.


Your goals? Lets Crush Them!

Your Thrive HQ Team

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