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It is our pleasure to be able to offer an upgraded experience at Thrive HQ. The goal is to tailor care specifically for each member. When a member gets the care that they need, they enjoy a quicker return to function, sport and a pain-free life. Thrive HQ believes in quality, member-centered care.  This includes being transparent about the cost of service.  

By choosing Thrive HQ, you are choosing to invest in yourself. In the long run, you will likely save significant time & money and you will be getting the care you need for your unique situation. No run around, no hassle, no hidden fees, no loopholes. Plain and simple. The way it should be.

Physical Therapy / Bodywork

Onboarding: $185

60 minute follow-up: starting at $130

30 minute follow-up: $80

Membership Options

Essential (1x/mo): $109/mo

Optimize (2x/mo): $199/mo

*onboarding required for first session

Yoga & Classes

Single Class: $19


5 Class Pack: $80 ​

10 Class Pack: $140


Membership Options

Unlimited Classes: $109/mo

Health Coaching Memberships

1-on-1 Health Coaching: $215/mo

Thrive Lifestyle Group: $49/mo

Bi-Annual Health Check-ins: $19/mo

Fitness Assessments

Athlete Assessment: $250

Wellness Assessment: $250

Running Assessment: $250  

Blood Work: price varies

Take your health to the next level with a Thrive Membership.

Let your physical therapist know during one of your sessions to get started!!

**Initial Onboarding (full assessment) is required before starting any membership

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