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Join us for one of our boutique Yoga or Pilates classes in the heart of downtown Lake Elmo, MN and experience our beautiful space at its fullest. Each class is lead by one of our excellent certified instructors, in a small class setting, to ensure you have the best hour of your day at Thrive! See below to get started or view the class schedule.

*Current members can register for a class on the app, if you do not have an account feel free to show up at one of the class times!

Getting Started

  • Purchase a single class, an intro-pack (3), 5-pack, 10-pack or unlimited (monthly)

    •  In order to purchase, you will need an account with us (create one when you purchase a package)

  • Select what classes you would like to attend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

    • Class options are listed below with a more comprehensive description 

    • Note: Wednesday classes are 45 minutes compared to T, Th, Fri. which are an hour

  • Show up to class - Bring your yoga mat, water and whatever else you feel will help you thrive at Yoga

Class Options


Thrive Vinyasa

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

8:15 - 9:15 am

Join us for a dynamic flowing practice with moderate intensity which links the movement of the body to the movement of the breath. This class will lead you through a creative series of postures which will strengthen, build flexibility, and leave you with a feeling of deep inner calm


Thrive Vin to Yin


8:30-09:30 am

Join us fo an all-levels 60-minute class designed to warm up the body and then soften into it. We begin with 30 minutes of vinyasa to flow from pose to pose matched with the breath. Then we slow down into 30 minutes of deep, long-held, passive yin and restorative poses to open up the body and calm the mind.

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