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Spencer N.

You absolute dawg you! I think you literally just saved my shoulder. The pain is gone and no more weird weakness. I could give you the biggest of bro hugs right now. This is incredible!

^ yes, that is a direct text message from Spencer

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Brea B.

I've known Matt for many years and he was my coach for several of them. He has been instrumental in helping me achieve better fitness and more importantly, maintaining my health over the years. 


He always has a smile on his face and is steadfastly positive, while also realistic. You won't hear him talking about trendy new workouts or crazy fad diets. He is intuitively aware what each individual needs and is able to adapt to their unique goals.  


None of us are getting any younger, so now is the time to set those health goals and feel better.  Prioritize your health today so you can feel great getting out of bed every morning, and living your best life for years to come!


Trust me, this is your place and this is your guy.  Make the call to Dr. Matt at Thrive HQ.  You will not regret it!

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Steve C.

I was struggling with some pretty bad Tennis Elbow while doing CrossFit. All of the online remedies did absolutely nothing for me so I dealt with the pain for almost a year. After meeting Dr. Matt he recommended dry needling and after my first appointment I was sold!


The pain was almost fully diminished after the first appointment and completely gone after the second. I have a few more follow ups just to make sure it stays gone for good but lifting without pain has been glorious. I recommend Dr. Matt to anyone looking for an incredibly solid Physical Therapist.

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