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At Thrive HQ, we all share the same values, vision, and mission. We are all here to serve you and challenge the status quo of the healthcare and wellness industries.  

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Anna’s love for yoga started during high school. She found the movement and postures were a great complement to her dance practice. She continued yoga throughout college where she used it as a way to quiet her mind after busy classes. Yoga has stayed an important part of Anna’s life. She’s found a place in her life for all aspects of yoga.

In 2021 Anna completed her vinyasa yoga teacher training. She guides her students to find a mind body connection through breath and movement. In her class, you will find that yoga is for everyone. From foundational poses to more advanced, she will guide you each breath of the way. She believes that yoga can help people navigate the ups and downs of their lives. 

My yoga certifications include

  • 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga

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